An Email Conversation With Georgi Stankov

As a seeker of truth, and as someone who enjoys thinking, learning, analyzing and determining which tidbit of knowledge should become part of my belief system, I have spent untold hours reading about the idea of ascension.  The “ascension movement,” as I will name it, began – depending on the source you listen to – approximately during the 1980s, some will say around the time of the great Harmonic Convergence of August, 1987.  This movement began a discussion about the possibility (although some will say it is actual fact) that humanity is on a path of ascension out of the 3D experience toward the 5D experience.  Many books of the late 1980s and throughout the entire decade of the 1990s were published about ascension.  I read several of them during the 1990s, including The Crystal Stair: A Guide To The Ascension by Eric Klein and The Star-Borne: A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones by Solara, to name just two of dozens of books I have devoured over the years on this topic.

In addition to these books, many Internet sites sprang up, especially after the year 2000, discussing ascension.  The topic of ascension usually goes hand in hand with discussions about who “light workers” are, their mission here on earth, and who the dark ones are (often labeled as “team dark,” “the cabal” or “the powers that be” (PTB)) and that there is a sort of battle going on between light and dark that will culminate in the ascension of humanity and planet Earth from 3D to 5D.  Some of the sites I have visited over the past few years are Denise LeFay's Transitions site, David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos site, Steve Beckow's Golden Age of Gaia (formerly named Ascension 2012), Children Of The Sun's site and Georgi Stankov's Universal Law Press site.

After information overload commenced sometime around December 2012, I decided to take a break from reading anything regarding ascension or the prophesied magnetic pole reversal (MPR) or the Inter-Dimensional split of timelines or the prophesied collapse of the world financial system, ad nauseum.

Instead I focused on raising my own vibration/frequency through my meditation and prayer practices and just intend to live my life as if I am on an “ascension path” by trying to live from my heart more and my head less.  I was feeling a bit out of balance between heart and head lately – an easy thing to do as someone who loves to think! – and so turned my attention away from all of these various discussions and focused my intention on simply enjoying life, moment to moment, day by day.  If a sudden MPR was going to occur, or a global financial collapse that would surely affect me, probably even kill me, I had to finally say to myself, “OK, if that's what happens and if that's how I am to transition out of this experience, then so be it.”  All of the ascension talk started to sound like so much “blah blah blah” to me anyway, with prophesied dates of ascension coming and going like the false threats of Spring here lately in Colorado.

After quite a few weeks of a self-imposed boycott of these many sites, I decided to take a peek at what is being discussed lately on Georgi Stankov's site.  Some of Georgi's books and articles are very interesting.  However, there is another side of Georgi that is quite unfortunate, as you will see in our email thread below.  On May 2, Georgi posted his article: The Cabal’s Tragedy has Commenced: Obama Officially Declares Labour Day (May 1) as the “Day of Slavery” for All US Citizens.  For background, you can visit his posting here.

In an effort to correct Georgi's understanding of Loyalty Day in his posting, I sent him an email. Below is our email thread, which I have left as is, in its entirety (unedited or censored except to correct some of my original spelling errors).  Georgi is a self-proclaimed “ascended master” and “captain of the PAT” (Planetary Ascension Team; those who believe they are soon to ascend and are frequent visitors to Stankov's website).  Do you think he communicates like an ascended master would?

For your reading pleasure:

To: Georgi Stankov

Subject: Correct information about Loyalty Day

Date: May 2, 2013

Hi George,

To correct your assessment of Obama's “proclamation” of May 1 as “Loyalty Day” I direct you to this Wikipedia article:

Obama's “proclamation” has been carried out by all U.S. Presidents since it became a “legal holiday” after Congress passed it as law in 1958.

The reason this was considered was in response to the “red scare” (concerns about communism and communists infiltrating the U.S.) in the 1920s.
I realize you believe Obama to be one of the worst of the dark cabal, but you should at least get your facts correct before laying all ills at his door.

Obama, in this instance, is only parroting what every U.S. President has proclaimed regarding “Loyalty Day” since President Eisenhower.

As such, he is only guilty of mimicking presidents before him and I can tell you that as an American citizen born here, I have never even known about “Loyalty Day” because I am too young to know its beginnings, and I'll bet my mother also is unaware of it.  So I don't think you have to be worried that Americans are blindly following our U.S. government's policies to the letter.

Some of us Americans actually can think for ourselves.


Dear Desiree,
Thank you for this additional information, which I must admit, I did not consider. But this information makes the situation even worse. It is obvious from it that the dark US cabal have tried to enslave the Americans as early as the cold war under the pretext of the “red scare”, which has long gone (since 1990) and no American has been outraged since then by this regular attempt to declare labour day as loyalty day to the dark US cabal in a further attempt to enslave them after they enslaved all workers as a labour force in the 19th century.
This shows even more how dumbed down the US population in general is. You are indeed very young and you may not know much about the insidious hearings at the Congress against all critical Americans during the McCarthyism time of witch hunting when many innocent critical American were sent to prison only because they did not want to officially declare their obedience and loyalty to the dark US Cabal. Read in your history books also what happened to McCarthy at the end and then you will know what will happen to Obama very soon, who was not compelled to issue this declaration as Eisenhower did not do when he realized who is governing the US behind the curtain.
If you claim to know your history, which I doubt from your comments, you have to see it in the historical perspective. You have just read Wikipedia on Loyalty Day, but have no clear idea of your full history and background of perennial efforts of the hidden US government to enslave you, which few Americans know as good as I do as they are willful dumbed down victims in this ongoing enslavement process.
There may be individuals who perceive this, but even you have admitted in your email that you did not know the historical background of this declaration and thus you are de facto also mired by this deliberate attempt of the government to enslave you since the end of WW2 in order to declare the NWO and make first the Americans and then most other humans on this planet slaves.
Good day George.

Thank you for your response.  I am hoping something helpful to everyone who visits your site will come as a result of our discourse, should you choose to post this on your site.
I will correct a few of your perceptions and challenge you to a more open debate.
Let me clarify that I did not say in my email that I was unaware of our country's bad history of McCarthyism – only that I had never heard of Loyalty Day.  It is an unimportant triviality, as so many presidential and congressional proclamations are.  The only reason Loyalty Day would matter is if most Americans even knew it existed and decided to support it.  Since we do not, it doesn't matter that any president has proclaimed it.  We cannot be cowed or controlled by this proclamation if we don't know it exists, now can we?

Also, I will correct your perception of my age:  I am only 7 years younger than you, George, but age has nothing to do with how aware someone may or may not be.  There are plenty of 20-somethings who are quite aware of the manipulations of our government and other governments/agencies (whether groups or individuals) whose only goal is to stay in power and control the populace as much as they can.  And there are plenty of people our age and older who also know more about what's happening globally in regard to shadow governments, etc.

What I find distasteful about your criticism of anyone who you believe is “dumbed down” is the inference made by your disgust.  You seem to think that more Americans should somehow be more aware and awake.  Why?  They are fed the same bad information and disinformation from our media and government officials as you are no doubt spending time watching or reading online, a fact I have gleaned from many of your comments.  How do you expect people to wake up when they have to wade through so much bad information?

People do not awaken by being clubbed over the head by comments and criticisms such as yours that they are “dumbed down.”  People are slowly awakened by intelligent persuasion over time.  I suggest you learn more about how to gently persuade others to be more effective because your harsh criticism of people, including Americans, only turns them off from your views and then you have lost them forever to consider your ideas.

You seem to want to say “Ha ha!  Look how stupid Americans are!!”  rather than actually work intelligently to win them over to your ideas.
Do you want to help them or just be critical of them?

You seem to be obsessively focused upon an estimated percentage of Americans who you believe to be asleep; but you can never know how many millions of Americans are awake or are asleep.  There are billions of people on this planet and to be sure there are people who are very much asleep to what it means to be living in a world in which a minority control the majority.  But what percentage are asleep and are awake you cannot know.

And why should it matter how many are asleep or awake?  If you believe that your ascension cannot occur until more people wake up, then you are placing your power and experience into their hands.  Ascension is only up to you and has nothing to do with the ascension of anyone else.  Why would you want to give the sleeping masses power over whether or not you can ascend?

Could it be you blame the sleeping masses for your inability to have ascended by now so that you can set the blame elsewhere other than directly at yourself?

Rather than focus on how dumbed down others are, George, perhaps the only thing that is required is your personal awakening to experience your personal ascension.

And now for my challenge to you:

If you truly wish to have coherent discussions with others that will be more clear and more like a true conversation, why not open up your site to comments so that people can dialogue with you directly rather than have to send you an email and then you decide whether or not their email is worthy of being posted on your site?

This kind of email conversation is a very bad for allowing a truly open discussion, don't you think?

What are you afraid of, George?

Let's really open it up, George.

Do you have the courage to do so?

Dear Desiree,
there are so many false assumptions and flawed projections in your exposition that I do not know where to begin with and whether it is wise to begin at all. First of all, I hope that I need not apologize for making you much younger than you are. The opposite would have been disastrous. So I hope at least that I come clean out in this particular issue.
Now let me be honest about this  - I do not care a damn about how much the Americans are dumbed down, it is sufficient to make the diagnosis that they are very much dumbed down. However I must add for the sake of objectivity that the Germans and the Europeans are as dumbed down as the Americans. Insofar we have a global problem to deal with. But if I do not care about the 82 million Germans, although I live in this country, why should I care more about the 320 million Americans over the pond when I do not even see them.
I only discuss some negative political trends on the world stage as to assess the global situation before our ascension, And unfortunately the USA is the last crumbling Orion empire on this planet and one must consider what is happening in this country as it affects the rest of the world. I wished it were not so, and that the USA would have crumbed much earlier, but as I used to say, “better later than never”. It is sufficient to know that the USA will crumble in the next two months independently of the level of the collective imbecility of this nation.
Second, It has never been my goal to educate the Americans or the masses with my website and in particular of taking care not to hurt their feelings. I am not interested in how many people would read this website and I do not make any efforts to distribute my articles on other websites as most other ego-driven LW regularly do.
It is also absolutely wrong to assume that I make our ascension dependent on whether the Americans should awaken or not. Of course I wrote in my last article that our ascension is a function of the overall level of awakening of humanity. But this awakening does not take place at the level of the ego-mind, but at the astral level of the higher selves of the masses. And there we, the PAT have achieved remarkable results and that is why we can firmly reckon with our ascension end of May early June.
I am a proclaimed advocate of ascension of humanity and Gaia and that is why I have come to this toxic planet from the source. This is my mission and that of the PAT. The very fact that Heaven has decided to perform ascension on this toxic planet and its population is the clearest acknowledgement that humans are the most stupid and primitive species in the whole universe and that there is no possibility for “homo sapiens” to evolve within his current biological limits. It needs an evolutionary leap to become a new energetic species with an expanded awareness in the 5th dimension. Read my book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” from 2001 to comprehend this fact to its full extent.
This is the reasons why I do not care about humanity in its present form, but only about “Hue-manity” to quote GaiaPotrtal. There is a big difference between the two. 99.99% of the Americans still belong to humanity (small h) and that is why I do not consider them as truly sentient beings. But this also holds true for the rest of humanity. Therefore, I also do not care if one or two billion will die this and next month due to natural catastrophes associated with the MPR. The souls of these “victims” have made their own decision to leave this earth as they see no possibility of further evolution in biological bodies. Period!
 I hope that I have cleared this stance as you have introduced so many false assumptions and inconsistent projections onto me that I had the impression that you are talking to a completely different person.
Now let me reflect a little bit on the profound stupidity of the American people as to address further flawed arguments on your part. You admit yourself that the American people do not care what their government does and decides for them and even hail this an aspect of personal freedom. Nothing can be further from the truth.
The dark Orion Cabal on power reckons precisely with the complacency and stupidity of the human masses and introduce unnoticed one law after the other that help them enslave humanity step by step and declare at the end the NWO. By displaying this kind of complacency and lack of interest for what the US government is doing, the Americans (and all other nations)  become active promoters through their passiveness for all kinds of heinous policies which always end with human genocide.
And here comes the big problem with the USA. This country is the only war monger nation in the world since WW2 and is responsible for more than 300 wars since then, none of which it has declared in an official manner through a Senate's vote as should be according to the Constitution in order to be condemned by the world community as an aggressor and put to responsibility as was done with Germany after WW2. And this responsibility for the world wide genocide through leading perennial wars on this planet is carried by all US citizens without exception. Any indignation on your part in this respect is not only ill-guided, but already a moral complicity in crimes on humanity. Let me be clear on this issue.
The stupidity and complacency of the Americans begins with the fact that they ignore that Washington D.C is an ex-territorial place and all laws that are voted on the Capitol have no legitimacy in the rest of America. The Fed, which determines the monetary policy of the this nation and thus decides alone on prosperity or austerity and poverty of the nation, as is the case now ,is a private bank belonging to several Orion banks and not a central bank of the people. The IRS, which imposes taxes on the dumbed down fiscal slaves of America and steals their hard won money from their pockets is also a private corporation of the Orion cabal that uses this money mainly to wage wars.
This was realized by Eisenhower when he warned in a famous speech against the military-industrial complex that reigns over your country and the rest of the world. That is why he stopped declaring the Loyalty day, as I made you aware of in my previous email to show you that Obama had another choice if he wanted.
The Americans are so stupid and dumbed down that they still believe in their majority the 9/11 lie and accepted two wars that devastated the rest of the world, They elected G. Bush for a second term after it was known that he infamously lied about the WMD of Sadam. Now they are complacent about the attempt of Obama to start another huge war, probably a Third World War as I wrote already, against Syria with the same bogus argument that Assad has allegedly used biological weapons while they sponsor and supply with weapons the Al Qaeda terrorists against Assad, against whom they fought a world wide war for 12 years and bombed and are still bombing dozens of sovereign states the world over and killing on a daily basis innocent people and many children (read all my articles on the US drones and the crimes of Obama).
The real and only war monger on this planet is the USA and its dumbed down population that not only agrees to such criminal policies of world wide genocide, but also has the insanity to proclaim the American way of life as the “non-plus ultra”. This is the ongoing crime of you, Americans towards the rest of the world and this is the fact I wanted to address with my article on Loyalty Day.
If you do not see this obvious crying injustice  and if you have not understand this simple argumentation line, then you indeed belong to this dumbed down American mass of stupid wannabes that are manipulated ad libidum by the dark US cabal as recently demonstrated through the martial law in Boston, when the people on the street celebrated their enslavement by cheering the military squads.
I am sorry, but with this attitude you are not an evolved human being and with this mentality you are not ready for ascension. This is my diagnosis as the chief advocate of ascension  and the captain of the PAT, then it is my duty and function to make such analyses and this is the reason why I have opened this website. My conclusion is that you have not learnt anything from our ongoing discussion on this website and that it is now probably too late for you to change the course, but I will be the happiest person if I am wrong in this assessment.
I am sorry to make such a negative final judgment, but we have entered the time of full honesty and transparency and this is the line I have always advocated on this website.
However one last recommendation as a teacher personally for you. You should start reading my axiomatics in order to learn the basics of logical thinking and not contradict your yourself twice in each sentence you write.
I am sorry that I must be so blunt in my answer to you, but we are on the verge of ascension and niceties are not helpful anymore. It is up to you to make what want from this discussion.
With love and light
PS. I will never make our website an open blog as it will be flooded by insidious American Internet trolls paid by the US dark secret services that will devastate this website as they regularly do with other critical websites. There is even a website run by the CIA that regularly publishes my articles only to comment them below under Anonymous with pure hatred and malignity. Read this website just to have a taste of what is going on in your dumbed down country.  Why should the PAT allow the American stupidity and hatred to invade our website, which is for all PAT members the world over and not only for the Americans. Besides I sustain that this website is the most open website to all kinds of qualified opinions I know. It is however not a free ticket to human stupidity as most websites are. Your suggestion is thus so flawed and stupid that this elaboration is actually absolutely superficial. Besides I have published your emails with an appropriate answer as you see.
From me to Georgi:

A man so overcome by fear and anger is not ready to ascend.

Dear Desiree,

You made really laugh for a long time and save my day. Thank you.

PS: Desiree, I knew you were a stupid goose, but you are more than that – you are a real idiot.
Why should I open a blog for the Internet trolls to spit on me? Am I mad? They can open as much blogs as they want, as they actually do, and spit on me as much as their nasty nature allows them. And you can participate in this orgy of human nastiness and idiocy.


As a frequent visitor of your website since you began it a couple of years ago, I have enjoyed reading some of your written works and had determined that you are a big thinker. I seek out big thinkers to challenge my thoughts and understanding about this world, its meaning, and my part to play.

But your latest responses reveal that perhaps you are not a big thinker after all. It is an indication of a small mind when it resorts to calling its debate opponent names, a result of its inability to produce an intelligent response.

I had so hoped that you and I could carry on a productive conversation, but since you are unwilling to open your site to communicate with your visitors more freely than these hackneyed emails provide I, with great regret, must end my correspondence with you.

If you ever change your mind, I invite you to inform me so I can hold a proper discussion with you and all of the members of PAT too.



p. s.  There are ways to keep undesirable people out of your blog's commenting feature if you turned it on; your web developer can tell you how and design it with your control in mind.  Then you can drop your false argument that you will not open up your site to its visitors because it would be targeted by “Internet trolls.”  There is technology to assist you with this.


I have not received another response from Georgi.  He apparently does not want to have an intelligent discussion, and, as a matter of fact, went fairly well off the rail with his post titled Why the Stupidity of the American People is a Crime Against Humanity which details our discussion that all began with a simple correction on my part about Loyalty Day.

The website Georgi referred to above as “run by the CIA,” is a blog called “Ascension With Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs” and the blogger posted some of Georgi's conversation with me on his site here under the title of George Stankov Says ASCENSIONWITHEARTH Run By CIA….. LOL! in an effort to refute Stankov's accusation:

How Georgi could make such an accusation is pretty incredible…and all the way from Bulgaria.  It reminds me of this:  Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

And speaking of another extraordinary claim, when Georgi Stankov actually ascends, that will be the extraordinary evidence required to make me a believer in his claim that he is an “ascended master.”  So far, since his blog began in 2011, innumerable prophesied dates of the ascension of he and the PAT have passed by in utter failure.

This does not mean, however, that I do not believe that ascension is possible.  I just think it will happen in an entirely different manner and due to very different preparations than Georgi espouses on his website.

Good night Georgi, wherever you are.